Central Sales Bot

Learn what your company does well, and then help find leads, win deals faster with less effort, better service your customers.

Current Skills

Prepare for Customer Meetings

Busy sales people often have dozens of customer interactions per week.  The Central Sales Bot scans your calendar and organizes the information you need to know going into a sales meeting in seconds.  Let us help you increase your win percentage, shorten the sales cycle, and train newer team members.  More conversations will equal more wins.

Manage my Existing Accounts

If you need a 360 degree view of your existing Accounts the Central Sales Bot can provide it on demand.  From information about sales, invoicing, margins, contracts, case studies, you name it and the Central Sales Bot can provide it.  Saving your Account Management and Customer Service teams time searching for the information they need to service the customer.

Sales Alerts and Notifications

The Central Sales Bot can plug into about any type of data source and be setup to send notifications to people based on things like Opportunities Won and Lost, Month End Close Processes, Customer Satisfaction Surveying, or even Uncovering Opportunities you may not even be aware of.

Connect my Sales Team

Are you a part of a rapidly growing organization?  Is it hard to keep up with all of the activity happening around your Accounts each day?  The Central Sales Bot will learn what areas of the business you are responsible for or have interest in, and it will organize a daily feed of all the happenings in your business.  In some cases that can just give you quick peace of mind and filter out the noise.  In other cases you may find nugget of information to help you win a deal.

Manage all of my Account Data

Your sales team needs to be focused on acquiring and servicing customers not messing with internal systems.  The Central Sales Bot will synchronize all of your Customer and Vendor data across the various systems in your business saving potentially hundreds or even thousands of hours each year depending on the size of you business.  We also look for gaps in data and areas of improvement for data quality so you get more out of the investments you have made in your CRM and ERP systems.

Whether you know it yet or not in order to continue to compete you have to consider your business a "technology" company. 

You have to use the data stored in your enterprise systems and publicly available on the web to find, acquire and service your customers in ways potentially very different from what you are used to today.  That is where our team comes in.  We will be a partner very different from any Enterprise Software vendor you have ever worked with.  We will learn your business quickly and help put the right solution in place in days or weeks.  Click below to learn more about our solution, how the product is priced, or to schedule a demo.

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