How It Works

Connect - Learn - Assist
First we connect...the core of our technology lies in our integration platform. 

Do you have issues today where the needs of your business cut across multiple systems.  For example, try running a marketing campaign where your CRM is not connected to Marketing Automation system.  The problem is integration products generally fall into two camps 


1) Super expensive and hard to implement 

2) Trivial and not equipped to solve the hard problems.  

That is where we come in.  Our platform is built from the ground up to provide both power and simplicity.

Next we learn...a lot of good information buried in all those systems. 

We organize your information, and in some cases provide Machine Learning on top of it to understand patterns relating to each employee in your business.  Things like "what projects they are on", "what customers they are interacting with", "what is their role in the organization", "what is coming up on their calendar".

And then we provide the real value, personalized assistance to help each employee become more effective, knowledgeable, and happier in their job.

Think of Central like another member of your team.  A "virtual assistant" that is always on the lookout for ways to help.  We embed our solution in existing products your teams use today like Microsoft Teams, so you can interact with Central just like you would be chatting with a co-worker.  Our starting point is Sales and Customer Service, but we are already working on way to impact other areas of your business.

Whether you know it yet or not in order to continue to compete you have to consider your business a "technology" company. 

You have to use the data stored in your enterprise systems and publicly available on the web to find, acquire and service your customers in ways potentially very different from what you are used to today.  That is where our team comes in.  We will be a partner very different from any Enterprise Software vendor you have ever worked with.  We will learn your business quickly and help put the right solution in place in days or weeks.  Click below to learn more about our solution, how the product is priced, or to schedule a demo.

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