Open Positions

Application Tech Lead

This role will drive all of the decisions around how TeamCentral Applications are built.  Applications include but are not limited to the tooling our users interact with for the platform, virtual assistant/chatbot apps, embedded widgets inside of SaaS platforms like Salesforce, NetSuite, and Dynamics.  In addition to owning the technology decisions for TeamCentral applications this role will also be responsible for helping to build out and manage our backlog of features and our application development team.


In this role you will…

  • Interact with product management to help build the roadmap for the product
  • Interact with the CTO to make decisions on the technology and frameworks that Central Applications are built upon
  • Help drive the overall user experience of Central Applications
  • Assist in coding and development where needed, especially for more technically complex areas of the application
  • Help to interview and recruit new people to the team
  • Help to manage and coach the application development team


Specialized Knowledge/Skills

  • Deep experience in core web development – Html, CSS, Javascript
  • Javascript frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular
  • Node.js
  • Javascript unit testing and automated UI testing frameworks/products


A successful candidate will have the following characteristics

  • Be a great team player and co-worker
  • Be very driven to build amazing products as quickly as we can
  • Be able to take functional needs of the product and turn those into designs and plans for the team to start working
  • Be comfortable working in a startup environment where things are changing and adapting rapidly
  • Be able to clearly communicate direction to the team