Meet Central.

Your personal work assistant.  Central's mission is to help grow your business by providing your sales teams automation and insights to win more and better service your customers.

Go ask any CIO how many applications his or her or IT department supports. 

The answer is probably somewhere between 10-20.  In some ways this is good because the driver is implementing targeted and innovative solutions, but this does cause some issues.  Specifically when the information a person relies on to do their job resides across multiple systems, which these days is just about everyone.

You might be thinking to yourself this is not a new problem and there are tons of solutions out there some of which you may already own. 

"Integration" products like Portals, Data Warehouses, SOA Middleware for some companies have moved the needle, but in most cases not far enough, and the reality is most companies cannot afford the army of consultants needed to implement those products. 

The inspiration for Central was simple. 


How can we provide a simple solution to help companies compete in the digital transformation that most industries are facing?

Whether you know it yet or not in order to continue to compete you have to consider your business a "technology" company. 

You have to use the data stored in your enterprise systems and publicly available on the web to find, acquire and service your customers in ways potentially very different from what you are used to today.  That is where our team comes in.  We will be a partner very different from any Enterprise Software vendor you have ever worked with.  We will learn your business quickly and help put the right solution in place in days or weeks.  Click to learn more about our solution, how the product is priced, or to schedule a demo.

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